Overdrive is a married duo of vast knowledge and unmatched talent in the industry of Dog Show media. We work in sync together to bring our clients an incredible finished product sure to please all audiences. We believe in our name and settle for nothing but the best, constantly improving and upgrading to always be ahead of the curve. Our team combines 2 people’s life’s work and knowledge to bring our clients anything they can dream up.

The Overdrive Team


Frank is a quiet, motivated, highly educated artist with anything he may hold whether it be a camera, computer, or pen. He has a Masters in info. technology, decades developing software, a talented and educated technical and creative photographer. Studied photography at the college level, a natural artist with a eye that is sure to captivate his audience. Franks knowledge and experience in the technological and artistic works are unmeasurable.


Orshi is a fantastic, hard working artist who works flawlessly under pressure and in a crunch for time. She uses her bachelor degree in art to shape her beautiful graphic design that make her advertisements and photos jump off the page at you. She is a highly creative artist constantly learning and teaching herself new things with an undying energy. A master of design and design software.